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  • Does Medical Financial work with Quickbooks?
    Medical Financial has all the accounting capabilities of Quickbooks, and much more. It is meant to be an alternative to Quickbooks. But, if you wish, you may export data from Medical Financial in Excel format, and then upload to Quickbooks.
  • What billing platforms does Medical Financial work with?
    At the moment, Medical Financial is integrated only with the AdvancedMD billing platform. But, in the future, we plan to offer integration with other billing platforms.
  • Is Medical Financial cloud based? Can I access it from anywhere?
    Yes, Medical Financial is cloud based, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. But, we do require a secure remote desktop connect be installed on the workstation which accesses our servers. This gives you added protection, and ensures that no one without this secure connection can access your database.
  • Where is my data hosted?
    Your data will be hosted on a secure server managed by one of the best professional secure server support systems in the country. The server is backed up daily, and is fully and exclusively controlled by our IT team.
  • Can I restrict access of certain users to only certain features?
    Absolutely. We have detailed and robust security access module which lets you customize exactly what each user can see and/or do in the software. You will have full control over your users at all times.
  • Medical Financial sounds great, but if I decide to leave the platform, what happens to my data?
    We are sure that you will love Medical Financial and we can’t imagine why you would want to stop using it, but if you do, you can export your data in an Excel format, and then upload it to any platform compatible with Excel, and we will be happy to assist you in the process. Your success in our mission, even if it’s not with us.
  • Once I sign on with Medical Financial, what is my commitment? What is the duration of my contract?
    Our licensing contract is month- to-month. You may terminate your contract at any time for any reason. You are not locked in to any long-term commitment.
  • My accountant is worried that they will not be able to produce all the reports they are used to providing, and I will not have the information I need to run my practice.
    Your business management reports will be collated automatically by Medical Financial, your accountant will not have to do this for you. We believe financial reports, prepared by your accountant, are necessary for tax preparation, and Medical Financial will produce these. But, Medical Financial will also produce a different set of reports, ones which actually help you run your practice better. You will have the reports you need, and your accountant will have the reports they need. But with Medical Financial, you will be in control of your financial information.
  • I use AdvancedMD for my billing, but I use a different application for my EHR. Can I use Medical Financial?
    YES! Medical Financial requires integration with your billing software, but not your EHR. You may use whatever EHR software you like. You only have to do your claims submission with AdvancedMD.
  • What credit card processors does Medical Financial work with?
    Medical Financial works with nearly all credit card payment processors including Stripe, Fortis, and many others.
  • How many users can I put on my Medical Financial license?
    You can create and manage an unlimited number of users.
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