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User Friendly Accounting Software Package For Medical Offices

The only accounting software designed by doctors for doctors.

About Us
Why Medical Financial

About Us

MedFi was designed by a physician-developer team who worked closely over the span of 4 years to build the most comprehensive office and medical accounting solution on the market.  As the product was developed, it was used in multiple small practices to provide them with all the features which meet the needs of their accountant, office staff, and most importantly the physician owner.  Medical financial will revolutionize how you view the financial aspects of your practice.  The information you need to make sure you are getting paid will be at your fingertips.  MedFi will provide you with emails and real time reports of the state of your practice.  No more excel spreadsheets to keep track of things.  No more manual verification of financial transactions.  MedFi will automatically note and sort all your transactions in one place.

Medical financial was designed by experts with decades of experience in accounting and business management experience.  The software will guide the user to follow some best practices, making you an expert in running your business like a pro!

Why Medical Financial

Be in control of your practice, without losing a moment from patient care.


We provides full transparency of your financial state, in a user-friendly medical-practice-oriented interface.


You and your staff can manage the finances of your office from home, or anywhere you wish to work from.


At the end of the fiscal year, Medical Financial will prepare financial statements for your accountant, making doing your taxes a breeze.


Providing you with instant information to make sure you know exactly where you stand with no unexplained expenses.


Integrates your revenue streams and all expenses on a single platform
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12865 Pointe Del Mar Way  Suite 130

Del Mar, CA 92014

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