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Intelligent Insight.
Comprehensive Oversight. 

Increase your profits with the power of a single platform. 

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Our team had one goal in mind: improve your cash flow and increase your profit margins 

After implementing Medical Financial, your practice will work more efficiently, every dollar will be accounted for, and you will gain the ability to easily oversee every financial aspect of your operation. 

The only accounting and management software designed by physicians for physicians

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With Medical Financial by your side, you have a business consultant constantly monitoring the operations and financial health of your practice, providing constructive feedback in a language that you understand. 
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“Since using Medical Financial, my office staff and my biller are in sync, and I have the tools I need to oversee all the revenue and expenses of my practice, not just the ones related to patient care.  I’ve saved on bookkeeping and accounting costs, and I love being able to generate my own reports any time I need them.”

Dr. Dahlia Carr,

Owner of Dahlia Carr MD Inc. in Beverly Hills, CA

“Implementing Medical Financial has been one of the best business decisions I have made. The reporting and analytics from Medical Financial provide me with unparalleled insights, which have helped me grow the business. “

Dr. Swamy Venuturupalli,

owner of Attune Health in Beverly Hills, CA

"It's like someone turned the lights on, and we can see exactly what we are doing right and what we need to fix."

Natalie F., Office Manager


Use a payment processor of your choice while integrating with AdvancedMD RCM.

Credit card collections

Customized payment portal for your patients embedded in your website.

Patient Payment Portal

Manage your research revenue and expense

Clinical Trials & Research

Integration with your bank account makes reconciliation a breeze

Bank reconciliation

For tax preparation and accounting records

Financial reports

Every inventory item and associated revenue is accounted for

Inventory management

Discover where your operations are optimal, and where they need attention.

Business analysis reports

Print your own custom designed checks from any printer



Real-time displays which analyze and highlight any revenue or expenses which require your attention.  Know exactly how every aspect of your practice is operating, at a glance.

Meaningful browsers and reports make oversight of all financial activities just a click away

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Accounting information is displayed in a way that makes sense to a medical office staff member, and medical office transactional information is displayed to the accountant in a way that they understand. 

Finally, your medical billing, bookkeeping, accounting, and medical office teams are all synchronized! 

Let’s convert your medical office staff to a team of management experts

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